Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Are The Grown-Ups-?

The speech-a-day Presidency is wearing too thin. No new ideas, no new plans and we can't believe what he says. Saying and Doing are two different things. In this person they are two very different planetary orbits. What Will He Do Next-? I don't think even he knows.

He is poll and focus group driven.

We seem to have a new crop of the cautious fingers-to-wind-testers running as -THE- GOP candidate. I thought leaders -led-. Usually from the front. I thought they articulated 1) the problem and b) their solution and c) started marching in that direction. So far, nobody is for anything. They are against Obama and the present course.

That is not good enough.

We need people (some one would do) .

Being against something is fine. -IF- you can define it and state the flaws.

Then offer a solution.

Merely being against it is not enough. Your reasons for disliking it may not be mine or vice versa. Why you oppose something will let me understand what/how you will act to fix it. I may not like your methods or solution.

We need to stop listening to politicians who speak in such nebulous terms that whatever they said, we can agree with-even if we cannot repeat it or explain it. Speak plainly.

I don't want a litany of what's wrong with the other guy. How about we start from the proposition "He's good. I'm better. Here's why;" -? Let's be for something. Let's be for doing better, getting things right, striving for a better goal. What is the goal-? How will we get there-?

The present abuse of each other and wishy-washy vaporous speech is old. We've bought too many fools with results that surprise and embarrass us. Stop Spinning everything...

We, the adults, must demand better answers and more intelligent perspective from those who would be our leaders.

Let's start by asking harder questions. Every one of them have writers, coaches, trainers, make-up and hair stylists... We need-want-hunger for some real adult answers.

Where have you been-? what have you done-? Why do you think your way is the best way-?

What, in detail, is your plan-?

Nothing is free. So, how much-?

The Evil Rich-? everyone-? Cuts in programs-? Where will you cut-?

We know things will cost. We know changes are not free. Not everyone will be happy.
However, things are bad and quickly getting worse. what will -you- do-?

Or is it just me-?