Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

"There is much to be said for not saying much."
-Frank Tyger

Today is the day we all get to vote. After almost two years we have hashed the candidates pretty finely. We have endured leaks, gaffs, spin-sound bites, spin and more spin.

By the end of the week we may know who will be our Fearless Leader. I say "end of the week" because I suspect there is enough voter fraud to slow things down and cloud the outcome. I hope I am wrong. I feel I am right.

I think that either candidate will only serve one term. McCain due to age. Obama due to his difficulty in -ACTUALLY- having to accomplish something. Pelosi and Reid will ram thru lots of stuff without consideration of the other 49% of Americans. When these actions fail, they will blame Obama and walk away like the Siamese cats leaving the fish bowl in "Lady and the Tramp"... The cats song applies to them as well.

In any event, we will still be one America. We will have tens of thousands who will do what they believe best for America at the sacrifice of their own comfort. We will also have a few thousand who will do what ever they can to advance their own comfort and ease. They will be assured that "someone else" will clean up the mess... They have lived this way all their life.

I am glad that the contest too so long. It winnowed out some very likely looking candidates who seemed to have the whole game in a suitcase and were waiting for the limo to sweep them to their coronation.

We will have a chance to vote our concerns, pleasures and outrage in two years. 435 Members of Congress and 33 Senators will be up for re-election...

The wisdom of our Founding Fathers is amazing. Their understanding of human weakness and passions was clear and unfazed by any fantasies of human nobility. We are not angels with a few frail and weak among us. We are cowards, lusting for more and willing to do any act for our own success...with a very few angels in our midst.

Tonight, when its all over. Hoist a tall glass of something strong and propose a toast to "America, Long may our banner waive. Long may our people be better than our politicians"... I will... The American people are better than any that we have every elected... We may deserve better. But we keep voting our wishes and hopes instead of our practical demands.