Thursday, April 5, 2007

War With no Name Cont'd

Correction received:

First of all, the Eagles didn't do "A Horse With No Name," that was America, and if you're going to mix that song up with the wrong group, the song was really a clone of Neil Young's "Harvest" soundscape and not an imitation of the Eagles early work at all. It's a stupid-ass song, but the chord trick is pretty neat: switching from an E minor to some mystery chord (a 13th? I can't remember...) by moving each finger of the Em outwards one string (same fret, though). It's a cool progression, but a stupid-ass song. The ocean is a desert, my ass. The ocean is WATER, you dumb-ass hippies! Thank g*d punk rock came along and turned the world day-glo, is all I can say.

And Then

Suffice to say: you will fight them now, or you will fight them later....but you WILL fight them. Even if the USA returns to a 9/10 mindset, our enemies will NOT. Read OBL's fatwas: this mook means what he says. When high-level Iranian government meetings begin and end with chants of "Death to America, death to Israel," what, exactly, do you think that they mean by that? Do you think they mean it IRONICALLY? Or that there's some post-modernist Derridian subtext wherein "death" means something else entirely, or "America" is to be interpreted as emblematic of post-World War II European philosophical malaise?

Hotel Tango: Draftervoi

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong..... Not so sure bout that "hippie" bit... But otherwise...

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