Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New England Hillarys

The Associated Press think they watched a football game. They seem to overlook the affects of "inevitability".

Like the Democrat Candidate whose only claim to fame is marrying well, the New England Patriots have convinced everyone that "They Will Win." There is no thought of not winning. There is no consideration of a universe where they do not hold the orb and wear the crown to their own magnificence.

Being the "Inevitable Winner" makes all those who might be judging, who might ordinarily given an equal balance to both sides to put their thumbs on the scales of the inevitable. Watching the referee calls of the New England Hillary games supports my opinion. Reading the news from the NFL about how New England, who had no -NEED- to cheat was caught, was fined $250,000 and Coach Bellichek was fined $500,000 the ONE-AND-ONLY-TIME- they ever cheated. (Big fine for people who make millions and will get a big bonus for winning the Super-Duper-Bowl-Not)

Presidential Candidate and Presidential Wife Hillary and The New England Hillarys enjoy the benefits of being "the inevitable winner". If you get caught cheating, a pass will be given. Or small slap on the wrist. In the throes of the game, well, "if they're gonna win anyway: Why not let this slide? or Why hesitate to flag the other side?"

That the Ravens, losers of five straight, would test the Patriots so severely was stunning. Indeed, if not for untimely penalties and a fumble of an interception return by Ed Reed, the Ravens might have pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

Baltimore got a brilliant effort from Willis McGahee, who rushed for 138 yards and a touchdown. Boller threw for two scores, and the Ravens managed three sacks.

But they couldn't manage to hang on.

That could/might be written about Presidential Candidate, Senator Obama

After all, the goal is NOT sportsmanship, democracy, fair play, or even honesty and truth. Nope, there is -BIG MONEY- at stake and the rubes must think they saw a fight between good and evil, between right and wrong, and of course the good guys -MUST WIN IN THE END-!!

And when the public gets turned off-? Well, the audience that's left will not be paying as close attention, won't know the rules, won't be as critical of the sloppy theft...

Am I talking about the NFL or the Elections in November-?


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