Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two-Way Streets

CBC Radio (aka Canadian Govt Radio) Has a report on a by Susannah Breslin on the topic "Why Do Men Go To Strip Clubs?" It's an interesting tidbit... and really the responses are predictable.

I replied simply with an observation that each report and each question asked reveals something by -both- parties. The interlocutor and the respondent. Usually, Much-much more about the one asking the questions.

What do you think Susannah Breslin's report says about -her- ?

The reason this topic resonates with me is that I have spent a few moments listening to Those-Who-Would-Be-President during this reality TV season of debates, analysis, analysis and debates. A contest somewhere between American Idol, Survivor, and "Everybody Is Famous For Ten Minutes"... The TV people -LOVE- this as it draws eyeballs, is cheap theater, and tunes up their election coverage teams for the pig slop/bun fight that awaits us over the Summer and Fall. Nov 9, 2012 will be a day of silence...before they start telling us -WHAT- it all means... The silence will be wonderful.

Watching the most recent debate with Geo. Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer, she who always looks as tho she is just about to well up in tears... I could not help seeing -WHY- the mainstream TV people are losing audience viewers. They simply cannot get a conversation going and let the speaker reveal. They want -all- the talk after the event to be about -THEM-. Dick Gregory, on the earlier debate showed his ignorance and inability to be a reporter of events rather than an antagonist and party to the event.

New and unknown people would be much better at letting the candidates speak... It's a thought.

What is obvious is that attempting to be all-things-to-all-people is foolish and annoying. Be the same person you are at home-alone. We'll decide. The Media Made Cypher we have shows that The Media is not up to the job.

We Can Do Better.

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