Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tax = Mandate = Tax

The Mandate is THE Tax we all MUST pay. The Health Insurance Companies collect the tax and administer the benefits on the govt's behalf. The Penalty is what we pay for not paying the tax. What is unclear is how THE TAX being paid by employers is not a taxable benefit and income-? If employer paid taxes are included into income then it will not matter whether one has gold-plated policy or bare bones required by the law. When people see their gross income jump and all the associated taxes applied...they may not be happy. When the insurance company raises rates on policy holders; that will be a tax increase. See how simple it is when we view it -all- as a tax paid to insurance companies... Big "O" can then claim, honestly, to have raised incomes on all Americans... Won't THAT be a great campaign slogan... Plus he will have taken steps to pay down national debt, cure Medicare fund and Social security -all- with the higher tax rates. None of this can be challenged until 2014 when the taxes and penalty kick in... Isn't That Special-? Don't we all feel better-? I feel soiled and dirty. Time for a bath or shower inside that polling booth when the curtain is draw,

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