Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm burned out on politics and politicians. The Media have made it very clear that they control the message. That message is "Obama wins"

I will resume my Talk-Back Response to the debate when the transcripts are available... I realize I will lose the nuance of tone, inflection and body language. I don't think that matters as the media will tell us what we saw and why it's important.

The fools on the Hill see the sun going down and the eyes in their head see the sun spinning round... round, round, round... the conversation never stops and never reaches a point.

What is absolutely amazing is the paucity of knowledge about how our financial institutions work. We lack the ability to analyze the problem, understand the solution or see the opportunity this presents for everyone. We are no longer a nation of pioneers, risk takers or even aggressive business people. We have become a nation of wage slaves and shopkeepers. No wonder we flock o politicians who promise us free lunch, free medical care, free housing, free cars...all without risk or worry.

The Wall Street Journal
has done an excellent job of describing the problems, its background, consequences and ramifications of the proposed solution. Please read the editorials, opinions and columns for this past week.

Or write me and I'll send you the links. Its all free now. has been free for some time.

This is the greatest opportunity to solve the Social Security problem, Medicare/Medicaid problem without raising taxes ever to come our way. Our fearless leaders are hiding under the bed and wishing they could vote "present". Others are larding up the plan to 102 pages of crap. i.e. 20% of all returns to be paid to ACORN. That's paying the community organizers more than the small town mayors. That could be as much as $440 Billion in taxpayer money going to a tax exempt organization that registers the dead, the never-living, and mythological citizens to vote for Barack Obama.

Have a good weekend. Watch little TV. Wait til Monday to see which way your stocks go. Only 40 days til election... One would think it was important the way the dirty tricks are being organized and pulled.

Read a good book-!

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