Friday, March 12, 2010

What is a Blog?

I stepped back from the post-election insanity. I walked away and calmed down, sorta.

We didn't have anyone worthy of the job running in the final stretch. The economy was headed off a cliff and it was time to play politics vs doing something serious.

The Mark-to-market requirement was dumped in April and surprise the crisis slowed dramatically. Mark-to-market for regulated financial institutions is a recipe for disaster. Once again we have been taught that lesson... The hard way.

Fannie and Freddie have been proved to be what everybody thought they were; government agencies with the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government behind them. Now that they have been bailed out and are floating under the radar... what should be done with em-? Looks like they will wind up restructuring over a trillion dollars in mortgages and dumping additional losses onto the Treasury.

Politics trumps economics. Politics trumps science. Politics trumps Hollywood. And all we get are more people playing politician as either a professional or an amatuer... My TV seems to be saying "It's easy. Any fool can do it. We'll report and make money from the fools"... And they do... hour after hour, night after night. Even the professional politicians, you know, Our Natural Masters, are caught up in being found the fool...

With it easy and everybody doing it... what purpose should -THIS- blog serve... ?

1) Should I ramble along and join the herd, hoping that my brilliance and wit will bring me an audience-?

2) Should I turn inward and mine my soul and history to try and explain mysef to myself and any passers by-?

3) Should I return to my spade and pick to turn a dollar examining the ins and outs of basic business in general and transportation in specific-?

4) Should I write poetry-? Knowing full well that poets like bloggers exist mainly as producers and not consumers... Yes, many write, few write well. Many read but mostly the writ which ha been approved, sanctioned and blessed by a critical voice....

5) Should I simply pop in and ramble away, occasionally giving voice to my rants as events warrant-? I wouldn't visit a site that was only infrequently posted no matter how brilliant and sophisticated I found the work... Why would you-?

Drop a comment and vote or not... I'll be back and slowly find my voice and topics... or you can suggest some...

Thanks for visiting...

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