Friday, June 4, 2010

Still Here

I have stepped away from politics as a topic. It is crowded and filled with people who have a fire and passion I lack... I have been reading some great books.
I have been listening to www.RadioParadise and they have introduce me to new music, new musicians and expanded my horizons.

I have been puzzling over my life's story. what did I do-? where did I go-? What was right-? Where did I "foot-fault" and make mistakes. what are the forces that influenced my decisions, my directions and led me to this point in my life. I heard a wise man say "Everything you have ever done, in your entire life, has led you to this point." I think he is right... and it makes the next moves a continuation of that same process.

I realize that this is a public forum. It can be read and commented upon by any passing stranger or friend. So, I need to be circumspect about what I post... Yeah, like you and most of my generation I am a private person. What is done in public i for public consumption and the chips will fall where they may... But some things do not need the eyes and minds of bored people milling over them... If you disagree; start your own blog and spill your guts...

I know that this is a small point of light among millions (billions-?) of blogs hung out in cyberspace... But like Earth in a universe of stars and planets... This is my space and I am protective...

What do you write about-? what would you like to discuss-? Or shall I simply babble away and enjoy this low cost, free form psycho therapy while you peer in-?

A conversation is always the best way to show my brilliance... But in lieu of that, I'll just ramble where my thoughts will take me.... You're welcom to come and kibbutz...

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