Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aggregators, Adults And B.S.er's

I usually read Instapundit and Lucianne for my quick take on the news of the day. Well, at least for my political and social commentary news. Drudge holds the lead for the hard news of actual events.

Instapundit links to John Hawkins interview with Dr. Thomas Sowell. The occassion is the publishing of his latest book; Economic Fads and Fallacies second Edition. as usual, Dr. Sowell cuts thru the crapola. He reports that We Are Broke and provides details...

I have enjoyed reading his works for over 20 years. He is good, incisive and no nonsense...
It's hard to argue with his conclusions since he shows how he arrived. Listening to the children who march, protest, lobby and inhabit most of our education and political establishments is tiring. He is an adult who speaks to adults.

I have ordered my copy. Have you-?

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