Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scared of the Future-?

I ran across another post by John Hawkins noting what happens to you and me when America goes broke.

I'd rather not believe that it's all a scare tactic. Well, I would, but too many years of watching my pennies and letting the dollars follow plus examining company financials to see how they are dealing with their present and future lead me to believe that either we have some leaders with some backbone or we continue to follow the fools who expect "The-Rich" to pay for everything.

we're in trouble and nobody seems to want to pay attention. It's almost like the pop quizes in school when the-cool-kids hadn't done their homework... "Nobody Told Me There Would Be Math" cries and whimpers...only this is not an exam. This is reality.

We are losing $200Billion ( i.e. $200,000 millions) every month. The interest on our debt (notice how nobody speaks about the interest) is another $200 Billion. Japan has been hurt and will not be in a position to buy our paper promises when the ones they hold run their course. Britain is doing all it can to handle it's solutions and problems. Canada seems to have avided the issues. However, we're refusing to allow a pipeline to be built that would move Canadian crude to the Gulf for processing. we continue to buy 10% of our oil fro Venezuela. Chavez hasn't shown much love to us. we haven't shown much towards Canada. (NOTE: Bot sources of crude are extra specially heavy in sulfur and need special refineries. Iran has a similar problem.)

That leaves China who hold more than $1 Trillion in our paper promises. (A trillion = $1 million million)

We are stretched financially and militarily. We have Iraq and Afghanistan plus the build-up of the Orwellian named Homeland Security. we have just gotten entangled in something in Libya. Nobody knows what we're doing or why we're doing it.

Being stretched removes our flexibility and ability to respond. Should we have another Katrina or SF earthquake we'd be hurting. The American people would pull together -but- would it be seen as simply -another- crisis not to waste for political advantage-?

We don't trust our Political leaders. It seems that -everything- has become political. will we ever be able to go back to sleep and simply pursue our lives and enjoy our families-?

I wish I had a clue. Right Now; I don't know. When I speak with other business folks; they don't know either. The political landscape is ugly, unfamiliar, and filled with so many "Useful Idiots" in Lenin's famous term. IOW, people who have lots of outrage and will tur out to provoke and attract headlines ...but who have no real idea why they are there or the consequences of their actions.

Donald Trump is FAR more interesting than Charlie Sheen. whatever he does it is interesting and beats seeing the usual dwarfs playing it safe... I keep hoping/expecting a -real- candidate. My choices/secret hopes are Jim Rogers of Cypress Semiconductor and/or David Petraeus.

I think the good general has -earned- his seat as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It seems that The "Good" General and politician who has never fired or seen a shot fired in anger will assume the role. Petraeus seems destined for Head of the CIA or maybe Head of NATO.... What an insult-! Musical chairs will move the head of the CIA to run the defense Department...and I may be the only one who remembers Leon Pineta as the bag man who retired ahead of an investigation... Guess he showed -them-

Noodling in the dark... Blogging on the internet.... random thoughts running out my fingers.

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