Friday, November 2, 2012

VOTE...Please Vote

ENOUGH-! I have had it up past here and all the way to there. VOTE. Please vote... Once upon a time -EVERYTHING- did not require politics. We did not season our food, bathe with, clean our cars, listen to music, buy clothing, choose friends based on politics... Yeah, I'm old. I have withdrawn from bloging, watching TV, reading the newspaper, opening mail... all are past habits. I have my opinion. Listening and speaking with people who, in the words of Jonathan Swift "Cannot be argued from a position they were never reasoned into.".. I ave restrained myself from blogging on the theory that there were too many opinions being developed before your eyes... clutter is just that...Clutter. So, everyone please vote... Let's get on to the next mess... We will not have someone who can cure everything and make it as it was... The past will not return... We will have either more of the same muddle as we have had these past four years, more abuse of executive/imperial power...or we will have a mess to clean up and new probelms will be uncovered... The world has not sat idle while we have had our experiment. New powers see opportunity as we retreat and withdraw... We don't wish to be The Worlds Policeman"... Nobody else does either...EXCEPT there is no other nation who can trusted with that power... America is unique in that we really wish the world to be peaceful and choose whatever form of government they wish. We'd like them to have all the benefits and rewards that we have, but that is their choice... We have learned to accept that reality... Can we get away from politics-? Do we need our fearless leader on our TVs every day-? Do we really need a cult of personality vs accomplishment-? Oh well, whatever you do...Please vote.. I have not concern of who you choose. I trust the American People... eventually, we get it mostly right. It's our fate...we will get what we deserve not all ways what we wish... CUE: Rolling Stones song...

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