Friday, March 16, 2007

More From Marvy-Marin

The SF Chronicle has the following story:


Illegal bike trails threaten riders, rankle officials

Friday, March 16, 2007

Three mountain bikers say they narrowly escaped injury in the foothills of Marin County last week when they unknowingly turned on a closed, renegade-built bike trail and then nearly plowed into barbed wire and fence stakes intended to block outlaw riders.

Having spent a few years on the trails of Marin, I applaud the efforts of the County and feds to regulate the Mountain Kamikazees. HOWEVER, I cannot approve anything that might physically harm anyone. Cut the trail with a ditch, but do NOT EVER place spikes or barbed wire. The bikers move TOO FAST to see such things. THAT WHY WE DON'T WANT EM ON THE TRAILS. If they were moving slow enough to see or respond, they would not be banned.

Simple Rules
Bikers: Stay on fire roads.
Hikers: Stay on trails or side of fire road
Horses: Keep doing what you do best

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