Friday, March 16, 2007


At some point we have to wade into this fevered swamp. We are all off on our 20 month long journey. I suspect that it will not be over on election night. The cloeness of the past elections plus the increased angry partisanship will not allow any candidate to concede gracefully. Lawyers will be hired, suits will be filed and then suits will be filled.

One candidate has begun her quest by holding conversations around the country. She has a history of talking more than listening, but perhaps that is a conversation in her eyes.

The folks at Air Congress have some thoughts and votes on this subject. A mystery video is working its way thru the YouTube-O-Sphere. Its author is unknown. Suspicions arise by jaded political handicappers and wingnutz of all stripes.

Its good to see the new toys being used so early. I expect to seem many many more... Some will be of dubious taste and not for public consumption... No, no inside knowledge. Just a healthy respect for my fellow Americans and our love of the pompous.

Its gonna be a long ride. Enjoy the scenery!

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