Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Papers

Lives Ruined. driver of car that killed David Halberstam is accused of negligence. Looks like the university will get sued.

Are the Homeless and Parrots birds of a feather?

Information Week offers a review of Apple iPod gadgets you may need. They also have a good review of the 2.6 lb Fujitsu Lifebook Looks like a lot of computing for little weight.

Facebook is taking on rivals such as Craigslist, eBay and the newspaper industry with a new service that lets its users post free classified ads. They are setting up a MarketPlace section of the site that lets members list jobs, housing and items for sale.

Facebook members can decide whether they want to show the ads to just their friends or to a wider network. The theory is that the ads will be more trustworthy than anonymous postings. Gee, no more waiting for the flakes that never sow up. No more negotiating a price with strangers who decide that they didn't want it. No more requests to deliver it across the state and up two flights of stairs? What will we do without the adventure? Can My Space be far behind?

Giving "Irrational Exuberance" a green name, the SJ Mercury News reports that Tesla Motors has raised $45 million. Its green, its cool looking, the reports on performance are inspiring... Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year.

"Clintonian Dirt Digger" to lead her California Campaign... Ahhhh The political season never ends in the Clinton world.

As with any successful political opposition researcher, most of Smith's best work needs to arise anonymously with few -- other than his clients -- recognizing who found it.

Smith's arsenal of ammunition includes an encyclopedic memory of political trivia and facts and an ability to speed-read a 5-foot stack of daunting legal documents -- a talent that has come in handy for locating the mines that have blown up campaigns of opposing candidates.

I suppose having an opponent refuse to run from some "bomb" would take the fun out of it. But that's like asking the media not to act like school children. Adults in media and politics are exceedingly rare. Information is one thing; context and perspective is another. Our political process and media seem to delight is avoiding either.

Speaking of perspective and context; the DOJ Attorney firing scandal-over-nothing will shift into a higher gear next week. Supposedly the Congress will learn that the President did not trust prosecutors who cheated on their spouses and who were loyal Democrats. This is much ado about nothing and only shows that Democrats are not serious about running the country. We are at war. There are people who wish us dead and we have no safe place to hide after we surrender. We have 12 million undocumented residents. We have a medicare/social security bill that is eating up all our tax revenues and they are focused on show trials for non-crimes. The troops need some funding, but Congress has put so much of the budget on auto-pilot that they lack the wiggle room to cut here or there even for a short term emergency. That leaves them with their favorite alternative; More Taxes-!....

Oh Good...One Third of California's high school seniors failed to graduate. Now what will they do? Their employers will face problems hiring them. Society will face problems with drugs, promiscuity, unwanted children and life long poverty. The best welfare program in this nation is a high school diploma. The basic keys to success are high school diploma, steady job, serial monogamous relationships wall of which lead to less drug use, less violence, fewer gang entanglements... We can do better.

The World Bank-Wolfowitz scandal makes the bank look bad and Wolfowitz come across as a victim. Is this really what George Soros and Gordon Brown want? I think its time the World Bank went out of business. So does George Will.

Is this bad news? Seems that anything which distances us from Chavez is a good thing. He is in a spiral that will crater soon. The question we should be asking is "What do we do then?"...

Art, solipsism, self indulgence
, political statement, waste of time?

From a WSJ ad:

Of the 77 million baby boomers planning to retire in the next 10 to 15 years, 75% are hurtling toward unexpected financial difficulties, including having to go back to work. Unfortunately, many people won't realize how ill-prepared they are for retirement until it's too late.

We have 12 million undocumented residents, we have monster unfunded liability in social security and Congress is re-arranging the furniture.... Time to go mow the lawn


PEOPLE LIVE LONGER, and yet: "The average retirement age is now 62, not 65. Indeed, only 27 percent of Americans retire at age 65 or later, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute."

Glen Reynolds finds that amazing.

The boomers are gonna keep running around annoying people for a few more decades

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