Sunday, May 13, 2007

Strong Woman Needs Weak Man

Bill Clinton is doing much more than offering advice and opinion. He is proving that his wife is incapable of winning the Presidency in her own right.

The New York Times reports that
Bill Clinton’s connections, and his endless supply of chits, only begin to capture his singular role in his wife’s presidential candidacy, advisers and friends of the couple say. He is the master strategist behind the scenes; the consigliere to the head of “the family,” as some Clinton aides refer to her operation; and a fund-raising machine who is steadily pulling in $100,000 or more at receptions.
Who helped him in 1992? Who played this role in his elections? Did Hillary perform similar duties?

That concern was crystallized by a question that arose at the Republican presidential debate this month: “Would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House?” The question underscored the sheer oddity of the Clintonian package deal redux.

Friends say the couple has learned from the mistakes of his 1992 race and has avoided again promoting a two-for-one bargain (which, in her camp’s view, cut against the tradition of voting based on a candidate’s merits alone). Campaign advisers also say that Mr. Clinton is simply too busy with his charitable work to be a full-time candidate spouse at his wife’s side.

When will he become an issue? He is becoming THE issue. Everything else is irrelevant.

In the campaign’s current plan, Mr. Clinton will not appear regularly at large public events for Mrs. Clinton until the fall, though the timing largely depends on how well she is doing, advisers say. He is adding more income-generating speeches than usual to his personal schedule now, so he has more free time in the fall and in 2008 to campaign for her, advisers add. Still, they note that Mr. Penn has not mapped out which states Mr. Clinton would visit during a general election campaign, if Mrs. Clinton wins the nomination, but that both men see Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Virginia as Republican-leaning states that Mrs. Clinton might contend in.
He is going where she is not popular? When will they get the idea that the world has changed greatly since 2000? Will we ever get beyond Monica and the Clinton Scandals? Will Hillary ever address his role, his history? Will she ever speak to us honestly about him and her relationship? Is this about America or Clinton's place in history?

Indeed, Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton remain keenly aware of his foibles and blind spots. In private, these allies are blunt: He has disappointed her before, most painfully with Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment. He can be undisciplined, and his love for the cut and thrust of politics could unleash that side, especially if he believes her campaign is in trouble.
It must be in big trouble if he has his own plane, own press group and holds his own fund raisers. What more could he be doing? What is she doing?

What will she do when she is President? Will she turn to him to save the nation?

How strong a candidate and President will she be? Do we want someone so weak that they cannot run on their own campaign? Even Gore and Kerry took responsibility for their errors. Who will take responsibility for her failures? Who will take responsibility should they succeed?

Republicans don't fear a strong woman... Hillary is not a strong woman. His presence show her weakness. The more often he appears the weaker she really is.

Nothing belies her inabilities like his presence

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