Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Attack Ad-?

The SF Chronicle continues to see an attack where none exists... This is becoming a -BIG- deal......

Who is person behind Clinton attack ad?
Just who is "ParkRidge47" – the mystery figure who introduced an Internet political attack ad that has stirred the press and political junkies tuned into the early presidential campaign – and what does the videomaker have against Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton?

First it was talk radio, and then it was cable news – and now it's the blogs that are setting the agenda for the mainstream media," he says. "You can take something that you could never break into the news cycle with, and all of a sudden it's kaboom."

Yep, anyone can play.... The boredom of the next 20 months of being spun-massaged-messaged-manipulated-avoided-couched-coached-stage crafted will wear off when the kiddies get their tools to work and make their own ads... Low cost, desk top tech... Even the Free Speech Stifling McCain-Feingold won't be able to stop this.

I love this country. Everyone is free to make his own job, his own fun, his own humor, his own parody... If this was an "attack".... Well, some folks must be extremely sensitive. This was well done humor... An attack is something very different and much uglier. I have no doubt we'll see some of them in the next 20 months (+ 2-3-4-5 more for legal wrangling).

Yep, This is turning into a -very-big-deal- for someone. I don't see it as an attack. It was great parody. It was satire. An attack is something much uglier, something much more viscious and nasty with the intent to destroy.

Only a Clinton-ista would call it an attack. The spin-spun-manipulation of the public will shift the political landscape very much faster over this protracted campaign season. The kiddies with their desktop technology and low cost access to the internet will create new ads. There will be things that will be ugly, brilliant, nasty, and wonderful that will enter the body public. We will get perspectives, attitudes, investigations, facts and lies at a level we haven't seen in over 100 years. Why?

The Gate Keepers have been by-passed. Mainstream-Establishment-Media has lost its ability to reach an audience. Their shield wall defense of Clinton and Pack Attack mentality against Bush have shown them unworthy. Newspapers are losing circulation. TV is losing viewers. Movies make more money but are seen by fewer people. Where did every one go?

We found other outlets, other more trustworthy and entertaining sources of news, other opinions, and the ability to respond to the crapola we get sent-shown-fed.

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