Monday, March 19, 2007

McCain -Straight Talking-?

Is it just me or does McCain seem dispirited? The fire in the belly seems to be missing. Does he really care?

The Old Straight-Talking-John seems to be missing. He is hiding from the Republicans and playing cozy with the middle ground. Has he been annointed? Is he truly the heir apparent, slow walking towards a coronation? He has been given that position for the entire Bush Presidency. No challengers have arisen and he has collected a big war chest.

This is 2007. we are a long way from 2000 when he had nothing to lose by running his mouth to his friends in the back of the bus. His "straight talk" was never that straight. He was just saying things for headlines. It worked. He was behind and had everything to gain. His announcement that he would make an announcement on Letterman was sad. He looked tired.

The Republicans ran Dole in the traditional Next-in-Seniority position. He lost for many many reasons, some of which had to do with his opponent. The world has changed and is picking up speed. McCain is "Yesterday's Man" as they would say in the UK.

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