Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Culture of Corruption

Since the democrats took control of the House promising to cure the culture of corruption they have been on a tear. Passing legislation to correct none of the Republican abuses the Democrats moved on to attack the War in Iraq.

Now it seems that Speaker Pelosi is having a hard time buying enough votes to pass her pork laden-bloated-give-away Emergency Funding to Support the troops.

How ya gonna keep on down on the farm when you can't bribe em, threaten em or twist their arms? Being the Opposition Party is easier. All ya gotta do is be "agin-it". Doesn't matter what "it" is. Just making snarky remarks and catty phrases knowing the boys can't respond to the Pasmina Princess was enough. Having to DELIVER the goodies takes a different skills ets.

Will Pelosi finish her term as Speaker?

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