Thursday, March 22, 2007

President Mikey-?

Its no secret that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would like to be President. Unfortunately, he has a city to run and can't be gone for two years chasing the dream. The WSJ watching the Democrats set their calendars for primaries in 2008 has an interesting observation.

What if the 2008 process serves to favor someone else -- namely, a billionaire who wants to run as an independent? It's possible that both major party nominees could emerge from their accelerated primaries so bruised, and with such high negatives, that the voters will already be feeling buyer's remorse. Then someone like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg could decide to get into the race, spend $500 million of his own money, and truly remake the Presidential race.
It's a long, long time from February 5, 2008 until we get to the conventions in the Summer. It's even further from February to November. A man with a multi-billion dollar net worth could spend $500 million and run almost unopposed. Since we have turned politics into entertainment, the public will be bored with the candidates by February... The media will have said everything 15 times and we will be turned off... What else have we got to do? Watch and listen to Mayor Mikey tell us why he should be the one and the traveling circus tell us why he is the wrong one?

It'll be fun watching and handicapping the race... Best show in town-!

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