Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Special Rules for Special People

It's not enough to be Rich, a Celebrity, Leader of a new religion; some have to make the public kowtow to their majesty.

Al Gore, He's Special
Gore first demanded to be granted an unprecedented 30 minute opening statement to the Senate EPW Committee for Wednesday’s (March 21) global warming hearing scheduled for 2:30 pm ET.

But then Gore demanded a waiver of the EPW committee’s 48 hour rule that requires all witnesses before EPW to submit their testimony in advance. The GOP minority on the EPW committee then agreed to waive the 48 hour rule in favor of allowing Gore to submit his testimony 24 hours before the hearing.

But in a breaking news development on Capitol Hill -- the former Vice President has violated the new 24 hour deadline extension by failing to submit his testimony – even with the new time extension granted to Gore.
Congress (both Houses) requires the testimony to be submitted in adavnce so that the Sanators and Congress men can research and ask informed questions. Those giving testimony can submit suggested questions. Sandbagging the Committee is a sign of arrogance.

This will be interesting.

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