Saturday, March 24, 2007


Having a life long financial interest in the movement of freight, all kinds; I ran across this blog. I thought it might be interesting to share the perspective of a long haul truck driver... Yep, real people doing real work.... The work is not as hard as it once was, but you're away from home for extended periods. The pay is not as low as it once was, but nobody is getting rich quick. Everything comes by truck. The business is not going away. Nor is the work for everybody.

He started the blog when he was in CDL school with CR England. They are a big regional refrigerated carrier out of Salt Lake City..

The trucking industry is in desperate need of drivers. Many are recruiting from among the retired boomers. This has an appeal to those who have the fantasy of buying a motorhome and traveling the country... If you can drive a motorhome, you can drive a big rig. Companies are allowing the drivers to be flexible at the end of their runs and taking a day here and there to see the sights. Many of these guys travel with their wives and/or dogs. If the wife drives, they earn more money as team drivers, plus get more days off. Most of the freight is no-touch with little handling required. The regulated hours of service do not allow a truck to operate more than 10 hours a day or driver be on duty more than 14. That means the truck is parked for 10 hours every day and 34 continuous hours every 7 days... Good way to see the Cowboy Hall of fame in Oklahoma City, or Branson, or Yosemite, the Liberty Bell, Coral Gables or.....

I like blogs from real people who are doing things (as opposed to people who spend waytoo much time on the computer arguing about Dancing Angels and Picking Nits with one another). Sometimes it seems the Blog-O-Sphere is just the same few people repeating the same assumptions-charges-challenges to each other...

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