Friday, March 23, 2007

Clinton Cover-Up

OK... I couldn't resist the headline of this story.

I do find it funny that women are being asked to cover their bodies when in the presence of the former President...

Among the unusual details of this most unusual fund-raiser is that everyone was given a long-sleeved white cotton T-shirt to wear over workout clothes. Usually people wear as little as possible for spinning, which involves riding a bike in standing and seated positions, and at alternating levels of resistance, while music plays.

I'll have to find a better headline in the future.... But I'll keep asking "Why is he taking questions about her campaign?"

Which one is running? Which one will be the decision maker?
“There’s no question why he’s the most popular former president. But again, Hillary’s the front-runner. It’s now our time, women’s time, to have a vote.”
Oh Really?

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